A comprehensive, in-depth portrayal
of Michael Jackson
that includes
his last mysterious years,
Defending a King~His Life & Legacy
new information and unique
insights into this "king of a man."



by Dr. Karen Moriarty

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Average Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by Alice D. for Readers Favorite, January 2012

Rating: 5 Stars

"Defending a King: His Life & Legacy" will leave the reader in a different place at its ending. Even readers who are indifferent to Michael Jackson will be true fans at the end of this book. Author Karen Moriarty takes the reader step by step into Michael Jackson's life and career, convincingly conveying his great musical genius and his inability to deal with the sycophants and cheats who attached themselves to him. As the "King of Pop", his ability to write brilliant songs and dance to their beat could not be matched by anyone else in the music business. But this great talent also made Michael Jackson inept in business dealings. Dr. Moriarty tells of how people who worked for Michael Jackson stole from him right and left. Dr. Moriarty also tells honestly of how Michael never recovered from the horrors of the Neverland 2005 trial and covers his tragic death at the hands of Conrad Murray. Michael was overwhelmed by the lawsuits that came at him incessantly and only wished to have a good night's sleep. Instead, filled with a deadly drug, he died. It becomes clear to the reader that Michael Jackson was a first rate father to his three children, but despite being surrounded by people, he was a lonely, lonely man. Dr. Moriarty speculates that Michael Jackson might have lived if he'd had someone nearby who truly cared about him. She tells that, of his immediate family, he was close only to his mother. Sad!

"Defending a King" is one of those rare books that will touch the reader's mind and heart. It deserves a wide readership for it is well-written and tells of a Michael Jackson who gave thousands to charity work around the world, who would sit with gravely ill children to comfort them, who was loved by leaders like Nelson Mandela for the good deeds Michael felt he was on this earth to accomplish. Too bad that most people think of Michael Jackson as a bizarre person, associating him and his estate Neverland with perversion. Gifted, good and otherworldly? Yes, Michael Jackson most definitely was.

Mary Singer, St. Petersburg, FL, January 2012

THE BEST book available on Michael Jackson! I have collected shelves of books on & about him through the years & many more since his death, but this one is by far the best! Dr. Moriarty has made him a man, not just a name or a performer & I hope that thousands will buy this book and read it. EVERY Michael Jackson fan needs to read this fantastic book. It will open your eyes, make you think, make you cry and make you smile.

Divinity in Motion, “divinityinmotion,” PA, January 2012

… I trust Michael's followers completely when it comes to recommendations of what to buy, and alerts of what not to buy in anything related to Michael in print.... For those who have it [Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy] I suggest buying another copy of this book and donating it to your local library.... I believe donating to a library is a great way to educate a large number of people, both children and adults for a long time to come. Countless people could benefit from this simple act. You can also ask your library to acquire this book, but to guarantee that the library gets it you can give it to them. Michael's truth must be spread, and we are living his legacy, and it is up to us to enforce that the truth of who Michael is gets told. Michael said himself, “It starts with us, and it starts right now.”

Cyberstorm, January 2012

Dr. Moriarty's portrayal of Michael Jackson's life is thorough and I especially appreciate how she put his seemingly odd behavior into perspective, showing him to be a kind and loving parent, just that life threw him into “bizarre circumstances.”

I believe you'll find this very informative, and even includes an Epilogue about the death and trial of his doctor.

Iladybug, Irene M., January 2012

… BRILLIANT!! This book is a must read for all of Michael's fans around the world, and for readers who will discover the unique person he truly was.

I cried for the world's loss … you will too. Great book: read it!!!

Ekta R. Garg, “Book Ends,” The Write Edge, for Bookpleasures.com, January 2012

… Throughout the book Moriarty uses events and examples from Jackson's life to stress a succinct point made by Thomas Mesereau, Jackson's lawyer during [his] trial...: “Michael Jackson was vulnerable, gullible, impressionable, and na´ve. To Michael's great credit, he believed he could change the world with kindness, but, tragically, he was too generous to too many people.”

… From the opening lines of her tribute, Moriarty uses her book exactly as the title indicates: she sets out to defend Jackson's seemingly eccentric traits and what some perceived during his lifetime as odd behavior.... His bizarre behavior fit his bizarre life circumstances, she says, and no matter how people perceived his behavior there was nothing unseemly or sordid about it.

Moriarty's loyalty clearly shines through as does her earnest desire to give Michael Jackson fans and detractors a just depiction of Jackson's life....

This reviewer recommends this book first and foremost for those Michael Jackson fans who have a long association with the singer....

Elizabeth Michelle Billeaudeaux, Author of An Angel Among Us, January 2012

I am very grateful to Dr. Moriarty for writing such a detailed book about ... Michael! Whether or not you are a fan, this book will give you a much better idea of what his life was like.... There were a few times I had to stop reading and dry my eyes before continuing.... This book is a gift to our community, and a must read for the entire world. Thank-you so much Dr. Moriarty....

From his endorsement of Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy, Attorney Thomas A. Mesereau, Jr.:

If you want an eye-opening portrayal of the real Michael Jackson – delivered in a rare blend of disclosure, respect, insight, and passion – this is it!

Luke R. 5 out of 5 stars WOW! THIS MJ BOOK DESERVES 6 STARS! February 11, 2012

When considering the myriad of books, articles and television programs that have been released since Michael's passing, some people may wonder if there's anything new or compelling left to be said about his well-chronicled, remarkable life. Well, I can assure you that Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy will give readers something unique: a never-before-told, inside story of what daily life was really like for the world's most famous person. What Michael referred to as his "life in a fishbowl" will seem like an understatement when you've finished reading this exceptional book.

I was extremely impressed with the depth and breadth of Dr. Karen Moriarty's research. She supports her positions thoroughly and thoughtfully in each of the 19 chapters. An emphasis on firsthand sources--including security staff and professional associates--adds a great deal of credibility throughout. Additionally, I thought the book did an excellent job of clearing up the lies and misinformation repeatedly spread by the self-serving media.

Writing from a psychologist's perspective, Dr. Moriarty effectively describes the "why" behind the "what" regarding Michael's decisions, both as a public figure and as a father. Conclusions are grounded in psychological theory, presented at an accessible level. It was particularly interesting to learn about concepts such as compartmentalization and situational demand. I came away with a better appreciation of how Michael Jackson was uniquely human, just like the rest of us....

The numerous examples given of Michael's random acts of kindness--often done anonymously--were both surprising and uplifting. I think the assertion that Michael was someone, "...with a heart as big as his talent" says it best.

I highly recommend this book for anyone. You'll learn more about the global icon and legend, while also realizing more about the man. Michael Jackson changed history, and his influence is all around us. His one-of-a-kind life is worth understanding.

Littlemoose. 5 stars: A Book for All Ages, February 11, 2012

As a senior citizen my idea of the King of Pop was Sinatra. My perception of Michael Jackson was built on media critics, video clips, and news of lawsuits. Dr. Karen Moriarty's biography has provided an amazing narrative of this remarkable entertainer and human being. Her detailed description of his life has totally changed the stereotype of a globally famous celebrity. A great read.

Debolina Raja Gupta (Mumbai, India), Bookpleasures.com, February 2012

… I am so so fascinated by this book.... Even if you have … managed to remain a non-fan of MJ …, this reading and subsequent understanding of MJ the man will make you an instant fan.... It was an emotional roller coaster for me. I must … give full credit to Dr. Karen Moriarty for her detailed research and for being able to provide more than enough proof against all those allegations that MJ has faced over the years.

Susan Brookes (United Kingdom), March 2012

I LOVED each and EVERY chapter of [this] book.... Love and respect for “Our King” shines through in each and every word written....  My only regret is that Michael is not here in person to witness this Wonderful, Comprehensive and Positive Read for himself.  It is so refreshing....  A “Glorious” Read – thousands believing the worst WILL now know the Truth that he was a caring parent, uniquely talented and devoted philanthropist persecuted his entire life for simply being different....  He gave us HOPE....

Lauren Trainor, The Jam Cafe (Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Online Magazine), February 2012

This is a lovely book … to be shared with family, friends and others who may not be aware of who Michael really was and why he continues to inspire and affect so many people, and it provides accurate and reliable evidence vindicating an always innocent man.  All of it positive, compassionate and affirming, Karen has painted a beautiful picture of Michael the person, father, humanitarian, artist, friend and trusting human being.  A substantial part of this book looks closely at the years following 2005....
Dr. Moriarty explores Michael's coping mechanisms, his ability to compartmentalize, his decisions and behavior that may appear to be different and strange to others yet finally understood to be creative, fluid and self-preserving....  Karen explores the question: Has there ever been a cultural figure as paradoxical as Michael Jackson?…  Dig deeper into Michael's soul through the pages opened to you and the promise is you will come away with an appreciation and profound gratefulness to have lived in his time....
Closing the back cover, it is difficult not to see Michael in his totality, told from a place of understanding, love and truth....  I hope you decide to enter Michael's world through Karen's words and insight.  She hopes we can cherish him even more.


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