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June 2012 Photo Collection

Thomas Mesereau
MJ's 2005 defense attorney,
shared behind-the-scenes
information with Dr. Moriarty
in Los Angeles. (June 2011)

David Nordahl
MJ's full-time artist for 20 years,
contributed this orginal drawing to
Defending a King~His Life Legacy.
He also shared special stories
about MJ & their relationship.

Larry Nimmer
producer of the film
The Untold Story of Neverland
, provided compelling new information for this book.
He investigated every nook
& cranny of MJ's fantasy-haven
and served as a key witness
for MJ at his trial.

The author, Dr. Karen Moriarty,
visits Michael Jackson's Star
on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
(June 2011)

Mike Leary

(at MJ's Palomino Lane, Vegas
home in 2011) was MJ's driver
long enough to discover the
extraordinary security measures
required for his safety.

At Madame Tussauds in Vegas,
MJ's wax figure attracts lines
of people for viewing & photos.
MJ is the most-often represented
celebrity at the worldwide
Tussauds museums.

During the summer of 2011,
Karen Moriarty met up with
Michael Garcia
, one of MJ's
team of 24/7 bodyguards
based in Las Vegas,
from late 2006 to mid-2008.

Kenya meets Dr. Moriarty
at the Jacksons' Hayvenhurst home,
held by a bodyguard. (June 2011)
Kenya was a special gift
to his children from MJ.

Joseph Jackson's
winged-MJ necklace
glistens in the sun as Michael's father
meets with Dr. Moriarty at the
family's Hayvenhurst estate.
(June 25, 2011)

Dr. Moriarty interviewed Wendell Thompson
(with wife Latisha and son Brandon)
to learn about his childhood adventures
with MJ, who gave Wendell two of
his iconic jackets as presents.

This photo of MJ is featured at
the Gardner Street School in L.A.,
where MJ attended 6th grade.
The Michael Jackson Auditorium
there was dedicated to him in
1989 after he contributed money.
Fans from everwhere visit &
donate to the MJ music program.

, president (on right), & Tais,
avid member of MJ's Fan Club in Russia--
with 10,000 fans--flew to Vegas
in August 2011, to celebrate MJ at his
International Fan Club Convention.

An original portrait of MJ by
artist Andre I. Hines, Sr., was unveiled
at the MJ International Fan Club
Convention in Las Vegas in August.

A banner near the entrance of
MJ's Palomino Lane home pays
tribute to its most recent resident,
the King of Pop (weekend of
August 29, 2011). MJ fans
left gifts, flowers, and messages
in front of the gate to the home.

The sun came out to greet his fans &
admirers, who gathered to remember
Michael Jackson
on his birthday,
at his last Las Vegas residence.

Visitors can enjoy glimpses of MJ's
2,700-acre Neverland Ranch (June 2011),
near Los Olivos, CA. Fans seeking a
spiritual connection with MJ travel from
around the world to this pilgrimage site.